Our Mission

Flower Power Sports was created to promote fitness and empowerment to women of all ages and levels of athletic ability by providing goal oriented group training in a non-intimidating and supportive environment.


Our Goal

To provide every participant in our training program with the encouragement, skills, and training to get to the finish line.

What We Offer

Women’s triathlon training and coaching by skilled, experienced, and supportive USAT certified coaches. While our programs and workouts are in a group setting, Coach Michelle will pay close attention to the age, skills, and level of experience of the group to make sure that no one gets left behind. Whether your goal is to be competitive, or to prove to yourself that you can finish, this program will provide the workouts to help you get there.

We also provide access to expert speakers on topics such as exercise nutrition, open water swimming, stretching for athletes, injury prevention, and more. Getting to the finish line isn’t just about doing the training. As you increase your level of training we’ll provide you with the information and resources you need to maintain flexibility and avoid injury while you gain fitness, as opposed to breaking your body down. Our approach to training is focused on overall fitness that goes beyond the structured training sessions.

And most importantly, we offer the opportunity to experience the joy of finding your inner athlete while you train in the company of other women with a shared goal.

I look forward to cheering you across the finish line!

Coach Michelle