Flower Power Sports provides group and individual triathlon training for women of ALL shapes, sizes, ages and levels of experience.

Whether you’re an experienced athlete or a first time participant, our programs are designed to support you, challenge you, and get you to the finish line.


We take the notion of providing support to ALL ages, body types and fitness levels seriously at Flower Power Sports.  Our approach to training is ‘start where you are”.  If you’re not a runner, you’ll start out walking.  If you don’t have a racy road bike, bring your mountain bike. If like many new triathletes, you’re worried about the swim, we’ll give you tips on good swim technique and building endurance before we even think about speed.

We have two tiers of triathlon training programs:

Triathlon Training for Beginners is a perfect place for new triathletes to get ready to race.  In this program we spend several weeks working on the basics of good swim, bike and run form with the rest of the program oriented toward building endurance and getting familiar with the details of triathlon training and racing.

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Triathlon Training for Performance provides an additional challenge for experienced triathletes who want to improve their race performance fine tune their fitness and/or triathlon skills.  At the beginning of the program we’ll use field testing to determine appropriate training levels for each athlete, so that every athlete in the group is challenged but not pushed too far.  Similar to the beginner program, the workouts are in a group setting, three times a week and typically the team races together at a local event at the end of the program.

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Individual Triathlon Coaching

In addition to the group training programs described above, we also offer one-on-one Triathlon Coaching.  Let our USAT certified coaches help you achieve your fitness goals.  Whether you’re an experienced athlete or a complete beginner, we’d love to help you.

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