Our Coaches

Coach Michelle

Michelle Dodd, CEO and Head Coach at Flower Power Sports, Inc. brings over 25 years of experience in bodywork and fitness to her role as Head Coach.

In addition to being a USAT Certified Triathlon Coach and Race Director, Michelle’s background includes serving the women’s athletic community as a yoga teacher and a massage therapist.  Her previous experience studying and teaching Iyengar yoga adds a unique sense of calm to her approach to triathlon coaching.  Michelle believes that one of the key elements to racing well in any sport is to find a centered place of ease and relaxation while we push our bodies to new levels of performance.

As an avid triathlete herself for the past 26 years, Michelle has a passion for the sport that is contagious, and she continues to participate in races ranging in distance from Sprint to full Ironman.  Her longevity and experience in the sport qualify her with a unique body of knowledge as well as a true understanding of the needs and challenges that the women she coaches face.  She understands from experience how an athlete’s training needs and abilities vary with age, experience level, and time available to train, and all of these critical factors are an integral part of her coaching.

Michelle’s passion and motivation comes from a dedication to helping other women accomplish their athletic goals and to push themselves to new levels of fitness by providing thoughtful, well-rounded coaching in an environment that is non-intimidating, enjoyable, and supportive.

Her driving force and reward as a coach is watching her athletes  experience the exhilaration and empowerment of accomplishment that comes when they cross the finish line of an event that they may have never thought was possible.


Suzie Dods

Suzie has been swimming since she was 16, as a “Marinwood Waterdevil”.  She swam for Humboldt State Univ. in the 80’s and transitioned to Tamalpais Aquatic Masters as a 25 year old.  In 1986 she was part of a “Trans Tahoe Relay” and that’s where she got bitten by the open water bug.

She has completed a solo non-wetsuit crossing of Lake Tahoe from Sand Harbor to Chambers Landing, as well as a solo non-wetsuit length of Lake Tahoe.  She has worked for www.swimtrek.com and travels the world looking for the best places to swim.  Her favorite quote is “The world is 75% water…. it brings people closer together and is a wonderful way to experience travel”.  She is a solo English Channel swimmer as well as a solo Catalina swimmer (after her 50th birthday!!).  She loves introducing people to the joys and challenges of open water.  She also enjoys helping people learn how to ‘spice up’ their pool workouts with ‘top tips’.

“If you can swim 25 yards… you can swim anywhere!”



Belinda Wood

Belinda Wood has been an Assistant Coach with Flower Power Sports since February 2011. Belinda has competed in many sports beginning with swim team at age 5. Belinda was introduced to triathlons 12 years ago by her husband and completed many races together including; Wildflower Long Course and Olympic Distance, several Alcatraz Triathlons, the Half Vineman and Kona Half Ironman. Belinda continues to compete in the sport, but her real passion is running. She has successfully completed five marathons and several half marathons and trail races over the last 12 years. Her most recent accomplishment is qualifying and completing the Boston Marathon in April 2011. Belinda also enjoys road biking and is a certified Spinning instructor.

“What I enjoy most about coaching with Flower Power sports is sharing my passion for outdoor fitness and triathlons. I am inspired by all of the flower power competitors who are new to the sport and watching them grow throughout their training, completing a race and want to coming back for more! Coaching has renewed my passion for triathlons and reminds me how much I enjoy the sport.”

Belinda has a BA degree in Communications from the University of the Pacific and lives in Tiburon with her husband and two young daughters.