Success Stories

Don’t just take our word for it

Listen to what our clients have to say about their Flower Power Sports experience…
“I joined Flower Power Sports in the summer of 2011.  I had previously been training with another all women’s group, but made the switch because of the coaches at Flower Power Sports.  They are all extremely experienced, motivating, and know how to push you where you are in order to help you meet your goals.  I also wanted a program that had some flexibility as far as group workouts.  Flower Power offered three structured workouts each week with an optional fourth coached swim workout each week.  The workouts were well designed and pushed me each week. In just 12 weeks, I improved my swim time by seven minutes under Michelle’s coaching!

Training with a group of women is an amazing experience.  Flower Power gave me the opportunity to get one on one support within a small group setting as well as develop friendships that helped motivate me throughout the season.  I completed both of my goal races at the end of the twelve weeks with improvements in all areas.  I can’t wait to train again with Flower Power next season!”

– Elysha Passeggi


“Not only were my goals met, they were surpassed.  When I first started the program I could barely swim half a pool length.  Thanks to Michelle’s expert training and encouragement I was able to swim 400 m for my first tri and 500 for my second (in cold water!!).  I also took a private coaching session with Michelle to really jump start my swimming and found it invaluable.  I hadn’t been on a bike in 20 years and found myself biking up and down hills.  Again, the support of Michelle, plus my team members got me up the hills.  One of the things I loved about the program is the time and care Michelle and her staff took to teach us the right techniques so that injury was nonexistent and we were able to leverage our training sessions to the next levels.  The same with running.  It was extremely rewarding to see the changes in my body and mental attitude.  My fiancé commented on the new energy in my walk and my whole attitude.  I LOVED the feeling of empowerment I developed with each passing week.

This program works for beginners as well as the more experienced.  As a rank beginner I can’t imagine doing my first triathlon without Flower Power.  You can go online and get downloads on training programs, etc., but it’s not the same as one-on-one experience and hands on coaching.  I had complete confidence and trust in Coach Michelle from the very beginning.  When I first started the training sessions, I thought “no way can I be ready to do this in three months”, but I did it and what a feeling of accomplishment that was!  My friends were in awe that I could do something like that, but with Michelle’s training is was totally doable.  Her training sessions are flexible which is great for busy work and family schedules.  Everything has been thought out based on her considerable experience.  For anyone who has doubts about their ability to complete a sprint triathlon due to age, weight,  self-confidence, etc., put those to rest because Michelle and Flower Power are proof that you CAN do it.

I feel that I was extremely fortunate to meet and train with a wonderful group of women.  We were all ages, sizes and physical conditions and everyone was totally supportive of each other.  I know it definitely helped me to be part of a women’s group – to share the challenges, fears and to cheer each other on, not only in practice but during the race.  I think that was a big part of the overall experience.  ”

– Rachel Malan


“I joined Flower Power Sports after having done my first Sprint Triathlon. The coaching from Flower Power enabled me to greatly increase my confidence, speed and enjoyment of the following two. One thing I like about Flower Power is that that there was never a feeling of being too slow. Yet, there were always women who were doing more advanced training. So I feel that I can continue to grow and increase my goals. There are always new people to work out with. The coaching is technically excellent, and the women that choose to do Flower Power Sports are positive and inspiring role models.”

– Laura McCabe


“I had been feeling guilty about paying for a gym membership I rarely used when I heard about Flower Power. Not only would I get to train with a group three times a week, I would be outdoors, and under the expert guidance of a seasoned athlete and trained professional triathlon coach. What an easy decision it was to cancel my gym membership and join the training group. Now that I’ve registered for my second season with Flower Power, I can say with complete conviction that it was a fantastic decision. I wasn’t expecting the level of community that I experienced with the other athletes. I not only enjoy the workouts, I also thoroughly enjoy seeing my new friends.”

– Karen Elmhirst