Pre Race Rehearsal

Triathlon Race Day Rehearsal for Beginners

This clinic will provide an opportunity for beginners to ‘get their feet wet’ in a non-competitive, coached environment that will take you through all the steps of a triathlon on race day.  They’ll take place at target race sites throughout the year, so that you’re able to get familiar with and practice on the actual race course before race day.

Here’s what you can expect in these two-day clinics:

Day 1

  • Discussion and overview of the target race course
  • USA Triathlon rules and what they mean
  • Discussion and coach’s tips on race day logistics, transition area setup, what to wear, wetsuit guidance, race day nutrition, and pacing.
  • Open water swim practical instruction including relaxation techniques, swimming in a pack, and navigation.
  • Transition from swim to bike

Day 2

  • Bike safety and equipment review
  • Practical instruction on changing a flat tire
  • Cycling technique and bike handling tips
  • Overview of USAT “drafting” rules and what they mean
  • Bike course review
  • Transition from bike to swim
  • Run technique and pacing overview and drills
  • Run course review

Schedule and registration information for Race Day Rehearsals is coming soon.

Contact us if you’d like to be added to our distribution list for schedule updates.